Fiber Content: 100% Domestic Rambouillet

Mother: Heavy lace weight, Approximately 550 yds

Our yarns are lovingly dyed in small batches to mimic the look of hand dyed yarns. Each is unique, can vary in color from skein to skein and some colors may have more variegation than others. We always recommend alternating skeins on larger projects as you would with a hand dyed yarn.

Please hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Little note about color transfer: Our dyehouse has done their very best to keep our darker colors, as colorfast as possible on our yarns. To help lessen the chances of color transferring when using multiple colors in a project (especially any of our darker colors containing red, orange or teal), we recommend that you soak the skeins alone prior to knitting to remove as much of the excess dye left if any exists. You can also double check by swatching in the colors you have chosen next to each other and then washing as you intend to once finished.