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Dear Friend,

Don't you hate seeing your competitors rise to the top with perfectly optimized websites that get first page Google results and draw in thousands of viewers a day?

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do you just cant' get the formula right. Search Engine Optimization is not the easiest part of Internet Marketing, that's for sure!

I can definitely relate. I used to have the same problem but instead of just blindly trying to optimize my content for better results I decided to get sneaky!

The software that i've created will completely change the way you think of Internet marketing and search content creation forever.

The great thing about Internet marketing is that you have a ton of good examples to pull information from. There are already thousands of websites that are perfectly designed and get great search engine results.

You could try to learn from them; use similar design patterns and try to emulate the way they run their websites.

Or you could just steal the traffic from right under their noses! Don't feel bad, they've got traffic to spare. With my software you can analyze competitor website content and see what makes them tick!

You can finally find out the secrets behind your competitors' success and use it against them by stealing all their traffic!

How much more cash could you be making if you knew all of your competitions' SEO Secrets?

SEO Traffic Thief allows you to carefully analyze the data and find out what makes other marketers' content rank so darn high.

You'll be able to delve into their SEO tactics and copy their secrets for your own use! No website is safe from this powerful and extremely easy to use software!

You can go above and beyond by breaking down their tactics and then improving upon them so you're not only stealing their traffic, you're getting more than they ever could!

What makes this tool so effective is that is extremely fast and extremely easy to learn.

You don't have to have to be a computer hacker or even be extremely good with computers to be able to use this software. You'll be cracking your competitors in no time!

Analyze and Conquer with this software!

SEO Traffic Thief will act as your personal agent and find out all the pertinent information about any content that you want.

After you've analyzed the content you'll get detailed information about it that will allow you to find out how it's being optimized for search engines and how you can copy those tactics for yourself.

You'll receive a host of advanced tools that allow you to manipulate and refine the results so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Once you have the information it's up to you how you use it. You can cut into your competitor's traffic by taking over their search results and turning their own marketing tactics against them.

SEO Traffic Thief also has a complete set of tools for creating your own SEO campaigns including an article spinner that blows most other article spinners out of the water!

Once you start using SEO Traffic Thief and the powerful tools it comes with, you'll be rising to the top and leaving your competitors in the dust in no time!

SEO Traffic Thief uses Research and Refinement instead of Chance and Luck!

The reason that your competitors, or anyone is a successful Internet marketer is because they used research instead of just guessing or relying on free automated systems for traffic.

SEO Traffic Thief allows you to do research on an extremely advanced level that will put you light years ahead of the rest!  

With a click of the mouse you'll be able to analyze articles and documents in a way that no free tool has done or ever will do.

You'll receive in-depth information on what makes the content tick. What pulls the traffic to it and what the search engines are looking for.

After you've analyzed the data you have a number of options. For one you can simply keep the information in mind when you're designing your next site within the same niche.

You can also use SEO Traffic Thief's built-in article spinner to spin articles using keyword ratios that match the article or content that you first analyzed.

You can further refine this by selecting only the best keywords and determining the exact ratios you want before spinning up as many articles as you want as well!

Stop Wasting Time On SEO Tactics That Don't Work!

Start Stealing Traffic and Rise to the top!

This software is extremely easy to set up. One of the things that makes marketing software such a hard thing to invest in is the ease of use.

After all, what's the point of using software if you have no idea how to figure it out and can't understand the results it gives you?

The problem is that most of these programs are produced in a hurry by outsourced programmers; sometimes these people hardly know what they're doing when it comes to SEO themselves.

This software has a clean and complete graphic user interface that may remind you of other popular software. I've taken the time to ensure that the interface is clean and simple so that anyone can really take advantage of this software.

You also get an easy to understad user guide.

When you're dealing with keywords and article analysis, the software actually learns from your own modifications and develops a synonym database that you can use to automatically replace words while article spinning!

The Power to Gain Mountains of Traffic is Finally Yours!

SEO Traffic Thief Contains All The Features You Need To Succeed!

Discovers The Best Content - To write articles that get thousands of hits a month, you need to find the top viewed articles. SEO Traffic Theif makes it easy, enter a seed keyword, and click search!

Carefully Analyses Keywords - SEO Traffic Theif checks keyword combinations and shows how many times they feature in the article and title.

Ranks Keywords - This is where SEO Traffic Theif is invaluable. After I checking on the keywords with one click you can check the keyword ranking for Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will quickly see just how the article is getting the traffic.

Estimates Traffic and Search Density - SEO Traffic Theif returns the monthly Google searches for keywords together with a traffic estimate for being in the top 4 spots in Google results.

Create a Word Filter List - You can add/remove words that you don't want to check for. This is easy to add to (simply right click on any keyword to add it to the filter list).

Article Content Extraction - Essential for your research, and rewriting is to have a copy of the high ranking article text. SEO Traffic Theif automatically parses the article for you. You can save and reopen any article.

Exports Data - Save the keyword data to open later in MS Office, MS Works or Open Office.

Complete Multitasking - Select the articles to analyze, and let the software do the rest

Powerful Spinner Included - powerful spinner includes user built (and ever expanding synonym database). Make automatic or manual changes. Make changes based on your commonly used replacements, or on the whole user synonym database.

This is truly one of the most effective Search marketing softwares available today!

It Has The Tools That You Need For Effective marketing!

The power of these tools is unsurpassed. You'll be analyzing documents and extracting vital keyword information all the time!

The built-in article spinner is one of the top article spinners on the web!

It's Fast, Efficient and, most importantly, Affordable!

The analysis is extremely fast, even on an older computer. You can analyze quite a few documents within a small amount of time.

The sorting features allow you to throw out unnecessary results that won't help you optimize you website!

ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE IS NEATLY WRAPPED UP IN THIS POWERFUL PACKAGE! This is one opportunity that no good Internet marketer can afford to pass!

Once you start using proven techniques and keywords you'll finally be able to climb through the ranks to first page results!!

Maintain Your Results With Easy Updates!

Since using the software is so simple and fast you can periodically keep your websites, articles and other content up to date!!

Spin Tons of Articles that Draw Traffic Like a Magnet! 

After you've discovered the top articles that have the most traffic potential you can create related articles that will have similar keyword ratios for good traffic results.

You can then spin these into 10, 20, even 100 new articles with the same keyword ratios at random or with specific ratios of particular words that you decide on!

All that's left is to use these articles to completely take over the related search results and literally steal the traffic right away from your competition!

See, it really is just as easy and effective as I'm telling you! 

Don't you think it's time to start thinking about your online business seriously?

Guessing and trial/error is child's play. If you're serious about having a successful business then you need a proven tactic that is guaranteed to work!

SEO Traffic Thief is your key to success and stability!

I'm practically handing out success by the bucket. The amount of work you have to put it is so minimal it hardly seems like work at all.

In fact, for the most part it can actually be quite fun to discover the inner workings of competitor websites, content and articles. You might discover something unexpected!

Here is a brief overview of the key benefits you'll experience when using this software:

  • Get in-depth analysis of website content, articles and blog posts!
  • Discover the keyword secrets other marketers use to get loads of traffic!
  • Use your newly acquired information to create tons of optimized content!
  • The article spinner's synonym database learns and grows as you use it!
  • The software has a clean, modern interface and is not confusing to use!

    Those are just a few of the key benefits of using SEO Traffic Thief.

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I bet you're thinking that this amazing software will probably cast a fortune, aren't you?

I certainly could charge a fortune because if you use it you'll definitely be able to make a fortune!

When you factor in the complexity and security of this package it's easily something that I could sell for hundreds of dollars or even license to people and make a yearly income on - it's not uncommon for this sort of software.

Luckily I'm not interested in that sort of thing. This is powerful software that I'm really inspired to share with the Internet marketing community! I'm practically giving away this software to you for the incredibly low price of only$9.97!!!

I think that's more than fair, don't you?

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Free Bonus #4


Free Bonus #4


Free Bonus #4

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If you actually can't benefit from this awesome software and can't get any success from using it, I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. 

I don't even want to know why, no questions asked!

If you seriously cannot figure out how to use this proven and effective software to get higher search rankings and traffic then I don't want your money!

I doubt you've seen a more complete guarantee than that!

Just how am I able to offer such a great guarantee?

I'm pretty confident that no one who buys this will ever want a refund.

If you use this software to its full potential you almost can't fail. You'll practically succeed no matter what you do!

Just use the software to research and analyze articles and content and then use the information for your own website. It's so simple you almost can't fail!

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